You have a production idea or a rough draft you need help with? 


Stuck with a project but you don’t know how to finalize it? 


We review your work-in-progress and provide you with the necessary steps and to-do's to get it finished


You will receive an in-depth analysis, detailed instructions, 'how-to's', creative input and more.


With our coaching/mentorship program we help you through the production process, you will learn on-the-job - and together we bring your musical idea or draft to life and an industry-ready standard.

Our team works with some of the top labels & brands in the world

and we will provide you with real results and make you understand the process. 




1-on-1 exclusive sessions (video call) with world-class DJ and Producer Thomas Gold or somebody else of our team of established producers.

We will put all our effort into helping you reach your musical goals.

Reach out to us, even when you're on a budget - together we will find a way to help you out.



Our team will analyse your production and then offer you in depth feedback for concrete action steps.


If needed, we carry out these steps in our own studios and also involve you in the process.


Learn which tools we use and how. Thus you take away not only a great production, but also get an insight into professional music production along the way.

Stuck with your production? You feel that your track is almost there, but you don't know how to finish it?


We finalize (arrangement, channel mixing and processing, additional production, mastering) your production and make it industry-ready.

Rest assured, that with the help of our team your production will reach the next level - expect highly professional results.


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