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Get the Sound of Thomas Gold

World class DJ and producer THOMAS GOLD  delivers his first ever producer pack, exclusively for xxound.com.

Thomas is constantly releasing on labels such as Axtone, Fanfare, Protocol, Revealed and Spinnin', he has played the biggest club and festival stages in the world - and he has been famous for his signature Progressive House sound for years now.

Thomas teamed up exclusively with xxound.com to bring his signature sound to you! As the result, he created one of the biggest sample and preset packs ever made...

Sporting more than 1000 audio files and synth presets for Serum and Sylenth, this pack is all you need to create THAT signature Progressive House sound loved by clubbers and music lovers all over the world.

You will find drum and synth loops and single shots, a set of handcrafted drum construction kits and tons of useful and ready-to-go sound FX. As a bonus, Thomas created a full section of big and heavy sounding orchestral drum samples - perfect for tribal bigroom and groove house!

More than 50 presets for Serum and more than 50 for Sylenth ranging from pounding basses to beautiful leads let you create a club or festival banger easily.

All audio samples and presets are hand crafted and hand picked by Thomas himself, so be ready for a huge collection of fine and highest quality tools for your next Progressive House banger.

With this producer pack, the popular bigroom sound is now at your fingertips - all you need is in there and you can create a production within moments now.

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900+ Samples


100+ Presets


TG Atmo Kit

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Construction Stems


Asset 1.png


  • Groove Kits

  • Drum Loops

  • Build Loops

  • Drop Loops

  • Fill Loops

  • Perc Loops

  • Tambourine Loops

  • Synth Loops

  • Construction Stems


  • Kicks

  • Snares

  • Hats

  • Snaps

  • Percussion

  • Orchestral Perc

  • Toms

  • FX

  • Synth Shots



  • Bass

  • Leads

  • Keys 

  • Pads

  • FX

  • Plucks

  • Guitars

  • Synth

  • Vox



  • Atmo Kords

  • Atmo Drones

  • Hi Tension Strings

  • Orchestral Impacts

  • Rhythmic Elements

  • Tension Bass Drones

  • Tonal Impacts

Audio Samples

900+ High end audio samples, ready-to use

TGOLD_PH1_Synth Shot_01_G
TGOLD_PH1_DR - drop clap loop 05
TGOLD_PH1_DR - percussion loop_09
TGOLD_PH1_Synth Shot_03_G
TGOLD_PH1_FX_Clap Impact_01
TGOLD_PH1_Drum FIll_10
TGOLD_PH1_FX_Impact Low_16
TGOLD_PH1_DR - snap loop 05
TGOLD_PH1_DR - top loop 01
XXOUND - TGOLD_PH1_Synth Loop_01_C
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XXOUND - TGOLD_PH1_Synth Loop_01_C
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XXOUND - TGOLD_PH1_Synth Loop_01_C
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Sylenth Presets

BA Basic Sub 01
BA Break Boss
DR Proggy Tom
LD Dark Pluck
LD Little Louder
LD Proggy Chords
LD Proggy Lead 11
LD Proggy Lead 01
PD AirWaves
PD Atmosfear
PL SingForMe
SY Drop Kords 01
BA Mid Bass 01
BA Rocker 02
LD HIt Me Low
LD Hornisse 2
LD Proggy Lead 05
LD Proggy Lead 09
LD Vince Clarke
OR - Old Knatterhand
PD Dont Scare Me
PD Mid 5ths
SY Scat Kord 01
LD 70ies Highs

Serum Presets

BA - Almost There
BA - Hammer
BA - Puncher
BA - Rocket
BA - Mid Bass
BA - EasyPeasy
BA - X or what?
SY - Stringuitar
SY - Nice Kordz
LD - BigRoom 01
GT - Heaven Guitar
GT - Break Guitar
BA - Gritty Need
BA - 808 to Drone
SY - Jam Bells
VO - Finary
D - Lost Love
LD - Jelly 01
LD - Future 02
PD - My Mind
PD - Multi Instrument
PL - Apacho
PN - Rotten Piano
PL - Space Marimba
PL - Heaven Bells
KY - Fendastic Rhodes
LD - Soft Pluck
PL - Minime

120 Loops - 7 Loop Categories - 128 bpm - all key labelled

Thomas Gold ATMO KIT

Thomas created a unique tool kit which gives you the ability to build your own proggy house vibe in minutes.

1 - Pick audio loops from each of the 7 different categories

2 - pitch them to key

3 - combine and mix them to taste.

They all fit together so there are endless ways of combinations.

Now you can create a pro sounding Progressive House vibe in a blink of an eye!

1 - Atmo Chords

Atmo Chords 01_Dmin

2 - Atmo Drones

Atmo Drone 03_F

3 - High Tension Strings

Hi Strings 03_G

4 - Orchestral Impacts

Orchestral Impact 05_D#

5 - Rhythmic Elements

6 - Tension Bass Drones

7 - Tonal Impacts

Rhythmic Elem 01_A#
Bass Drone 06_D
Tonal Impact 08_F

Construction Stems

2 Kits with audio stems from Thomas' productions 'Marsch Marsch' and 'Pretend'.

Use them in your tracks, as an inspiration or get a look into how  Thomas builds his productions.

Kit 1_break drum build-up
Kit 2_atmo loop
Kit 2_intro drumline 01


- 900+ Samples (Drums, Fills, Loops, FX + more)

- Atmo Kit with 7 Categories of Audio Samples

- 2 Construction Stem Kits

- 50+ Presets for XFER Serum

- 50+ Presets for Lennar Sylenth

- INSTANT DOWNLOAD after Purchase

- Royalty Free

$ 9